Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) was established in 2022. Its purpose is to advise the Center on how best to engage students at the University of Pittsburgh in alignment with the Center's mission of community-oriented engagement and research.

Eric Macadangdang
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Graduate Student at GSPIA

Eric is a Graduate Student Assistant at the Global Studies Center and sits on the Board of Directors of the Oakland Planning and Development Corporation. He has worked with the CCCRRJ to create programming on housing as a human right. He hopes to engage students on the subject of racial justice and give them the agency to pursue unique research and extra-curricular activities on the matter through his tenure as a board member.

Shrinath Suresh
Cincinnati, Ohio
Graduate Student at GSPIA

Shrinath is an editor for the Pitt Policy Journal. He is looking forward to working with students from diverse backgrounds to build a bridge between GSPIA and the Pitt School of Law around issues of civil rights.

L. Noël Marsh
Ellicott City, Maryland
PhD/MPH Joint Degree Student

Noël is a member and co-facilitator of the National Network of Prison Doula Programs. She's excited about the Center's mission and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with students in advising activities and initiatives. In her fieldwork on prison doula programs, she's seen firsthand how the legal system perpetuates and entrenches systemic inequities. She is excited to be a part of an organization that explores how the law can instead advance civil rights and racial justice.

Jordan Fields
Maplewood, New Jersey
JD/MSPPM Joint Degree Student

Jordan is the Articles Editor and an Associate Editor of the Pittsburgh Tax Review. She also is the Graduate Student Representative for the Board of Trustees Athletics Committee. She is passionate about racial justice and empowering marginalized communities.

Veronica Vivero-Condon
Plano, Texas
Third Year (3L) Pitt Law Student

Veronica is the Vice President of the Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA). She also is a Pitt Law Ambassador and serves on the Student Advisory Council for OEIE. She is passionate about social and racial justice and how to effect structural change across the county and right here in Pittsburgh. She joined the CCRRJ because it provides an opportunity interdisciplinary collaboration that spans across the university between students and professors, as well as locally and nation-wide.

Anthony Jessel